Non-invasive ventilator

Comprehensive treatment functions, perfect human-machine synchronization, and intelligent upgrade of user experience

Excellent industrial design and user experience are perfectly integrated, bringing together more comprehensive treatment data and achieving a high-quality human-machine synchronization experience. In particular, the PC mode is added to meet the treatment needs of patients with shallow breathing and accelerated breathing, ensure that the patient’s inspiratory time increases tidal volume, and protect blood oxygen saturation.


Spare BS-30C non-invasive ventilator

National Health and Family Planning Commission outstanding domestic medical equipment

Safe, comfortable, easy to use and effective

Treatment function & use environment

5 major ventilation modes

CPAP mode (continuous positive pressure)

PC mode (pressure mode)

S mode (autonomous mode)

T mode (time control mode)

S / T mode (autonomous / time control)

Application Environment

ICU, cardiology, neurology, respiratory, emergency, geriatric

Integrated trolley

The trolley can be equipped with a ventilator, a humidifier, a boom, a pipeline and a mask at the same time, and can move the entire treatment equipment with one hand.

Spare BS-30C parameters
Screen size5.7 inches color screen
Waveformflow, pressure dual waveform display
Positive Inspiratory Pressure (IPAP)4cmH2O-30cmH2O
Positive expiratory pressure (EPAP)4cmH2O-25cmH2O
(not greater than positive inspiratory pressure)
Continuous positive pressure (CPAP)4cmH2O-20cmH2O
Climbing time0min-60min
(one unit per minute)
Climbing pressure inCPAP mode:
4cmH2O-CPAP in
other modes:
Step-up gear
(pressure rise time)
Tidal volume range20ml-2500ml
Inspiratory time0.2s ~ 4.0s
Reserve breathing frequency1BPM ~ 60BPM
Backup breathing frequencyapnea alarm, patient disconnection alarm, low minute ventilation alarm, low tidal volume alarm, power failure alarm, high voltage protection
Real-time monitoring of datapressure value, flow rate, minute ventilation, current tidal volume, minute respiratory rate, current leakage volume
Other settings:screen lock, screen brightness, flow scale, pressure scale, waveform mode
Humidifier parameter 
Heating temperature40 °-70 °
Adjustment unit1-9
Comprehensive safety protection, doctors are more at ease

Spare Medical’s non-invasive ventilator series is equipped with high-quality imported turbine pressure that is accurate and stable; rich and comprehensive monitoring data is more conducive to the operation of medical staff. The independent humidification system and 6 kinds of alarm reminders make the treatment safe and comfortable.

Rich monitoring data

Flow rate (waveform), pressure (waveform), minute ventilation, current tidal volume, minute respiratory rate, current leakage

Various alarm settings

Apnea alarm, disconnected alarm, low minute ventilation alarm, low tidal volume alarm, power failure alarm, high voltage protection

High quality imported turbine

High-quality imported turbine provides stable ventilation pressure and automatic leakage compensation to provide accurate and stable pressure, more at ease!

Independent professional humidifier

Professional humidification effect, the temperature can be adjusted from 1 to 9 gears, which greatly improves the effectiveness and comfort of treatment. Independent humidifier, to prevent backflow of water flow, damage the host to reduce the failure rate.

innovate technology to achieve healthy breathing

The self-developed COMF pressure relief technology, AST automatic synchronization technology, VAT capacity guarantee technology, intelligent solenoid valve technology, four major innovations have achieved the excellent quality of Spira Medical non-invasive ventilator products, healthy breathing and natural comfort.

AST automatic synchronization technology

AST automatic synchronization technology can automatically monitor every breath of the patient, and respond to every breath of the patient in time through a variety of automatic triggering and withdrawal mechanisms such as flow rate, pressure, graphics, etc. to achieve perfect synchronization between the ventilator and the patient.

Automatic sensitivity technology, no need to manually set the sensitivity, minimize patient work, while improving clinical efficiency

With 60L / min automatic leakage compensation capability, it can also ensure the accuracy of synchronization and the stability of pressure in the case of a large amount of leakage, thereby improving the treatment effect.

COMF pressure relief technology

In the autonomous mode (S mode), the pressure is automatically released at the key point of the end of expiration of the breathing cycle according to the airflow, which makes the breathing process more comfortable, closer to natural physiological breathing, and brings more perfect comfort to the patient.

VAT capacity guarantee technology

The VAT capacity assurance technology automatically estimates the pressure required to reach the target tidal volume by monitoring the changes in the patient’s tidal volume, and provides progressive IPAP pressure control to automatically ensure the patient’s tidal volume. VAT capacity guarantee technology can meet more clinical needs and ensure the treatment effect.

Some precautions for using ventilator?

The patient should pay attention to the following points when using the ventilator for the first time :

a. When using the ventilator for the first time, first turn it on and off once to determine whether the switch can be properly controlled and check whether the machine is working properly. If you have any questions, please contact the seller or manufacturer in time.

b. Read the product manual carefully before use, and connect the ventilator, humidifier, nasal mask or mouth-nose mask according to the instructions in the manual.

c. Wear the nasal mask or mouth-nose mask and adjust the headband tightness. The elasticity of the headband is generally suitable if the mask does not have a pressure on the patient’s corresponding parts, but it should not be too loose to avoid air leakage.

d. Make sure that the humidifier has been added with purified water or distilled water, and can not exceed the specified position.

e. Start the ventilator and feel if there is any abnormality in the operation of the ventilator. If there is no abnormality, you can use it with confidence.

f. If the patient wants to temporarily leave the machine during use, it is best to turn off the machine, take off the nasal mask or mouth and nose mask, and then leave. After returning, wear the nasal mask or mouth and nose mask before restarting.

g. After using every day, be sure to turn off the machine and then cut off the power.

h. It is best to clean the mask once a day, and filter sheets and pipes every three days. The cleaning method can refer to the disinfection method of ventilator accessories.

i. Change the water in the humidifier every day, preferably not exceeding the water level line.

j. The machine should be maintained every six months or a year. You can contact the sales company or manufacturer when maintenance is required.