Non-invasive ventilator

Automatic cleaning, automatic voltage regulation technology, automatic network connection at startup

Self-cleaning household non-invasive ventilator, automatic network connection at startup, innovative built-in independent communication module, does not rely on WiFi, no need to set in advance. It is safe and low radiation, stable and not dropped, permanently free to use. According to the automatic upload of Mingkang Cloud, users can get health management services.

How harmful is the long-term unclean household ventilator

Due to the high temperature and high temperature, the ventilator and matching piping are suitable for the growth of bacteria, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc.

If disinfection and sterilization are not performed in time, a large amount of bacteria will enter the human respiratory tract with the airflow, posing a great health threat to users. In particular, patients with COPD may also cause infections, and the acute exacerbation of COPD leads to the need for hospitalization, which poses a great health threat and economic burden to users.

It is understood that the additional purchase of disinfection equipment and cumbersome operations are important reasons for users to clean the ventilator for a long time!

Multiple treatment modes available

Rich treatment modalities to effectively cope with various disease states, and full
foot all types of users, different needs for comfort of tolerance!

AST automatic synchronization technology

1. It can automatically follow the user’s breath, accurately determine the user’s triggering and withdrawal time, and provide the corresponding inhalation and breathing pressure.

2. Automatic sensitivity technology, no need to manually set the sensitivity, minimize the user’s breathing work.

COMF pressure relief technology

It automatically releases pressure at key points at the end of exhalation according to the airflow situation, closer to natural breathing, and the user feels more comfortable.

Automatic voltage regulation technology

Automatic pressure regulation technology to support respiratory event detection and response

Automatic pressure regulation technology can automatically and accurately monitor and identify 6 types of respiratory events such as hypopnea, obstructive apnea, airflow limitation, continuous snoring, massive leaks, central apnea, etc. , Effectively eliminate the corresponding symptoms.

Smart warm-up without waiting

You can turn on the humidifier to preheat before ventilating, and start the treatment to enjoy the comfortable airflow

Silent turbo, sleep well

Strictly select turbines, strictly control noise, and operate like a breeze

Automatic networking at boot

  • Innovative built-in independent communication module, does not depend on WiFi, no need to set in advance
  • Safe and low radiation, stable and not dropped, permanently free to use
  • Data is automatically uploaded to Mingkang Cloud, users can get health management services

Humanized water box design

  • Integrated water tank, no need to buckle
  • The water injection port is wide, adding water faster
  • The bottom of the water tank is flat and cleaned more thoroughly

Some precautions for using ventilator?

The patient should pay attention to the following points when using the ventilator for the first time :

a. When using the ventilator for the first time, first turn it on and off once to determine whether the switch can be properly controlled and check whether the machine is working properly. If you have any questions, please contact the seller or manufacturer in time.

b. Read the product manual carefully before use, and connect the ventilator, humidifier, nasal mask or mouth-nose mask according to the instructions in the manual.

c. Wear the nasal mask or mouth-nose mask and adjust the headband tightness. The elasticity of the headband is generally suitable if the mask does not have a pressure on the patient’s corresponding parts, but it should not be too loose to avoid air leakage.

d. Make sure that the humidifier has been added with purified water or distilled water, and can not exceed the specified position.

e. Start the ventilator and feel if there is any abnormality in the operation of the ventilator. If there is no abnormality, you can use it with confidence.

f. If the patient wants to temporarily leave the machine during use, it is best to turn off the machine, take off the nasal mask or mouth and nose mask, and then leave. After returning, wear the nasal mask or mouth and nose mask before restarting.

g. After using every day, be sure to turn off the machine and then cut off the power.

h. It is best to clean the mask once a day, and filter sheets and pipes every three days. The cleaning method can refer to the disinfection method of ventilator accessories.

i. Change the water in the humidifier every day, preferably not exceeding the water level line.

j. The machine should be maintained every six months or a year. You can contact the sales company or manufacturer when maintenance is required.