Non-invasive ventilator

Automatic bi-level pressure support, intelligent close to natural breathing, fully upgrade the sleep experience

The automatic two-level ventilator is designed for people with sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (malignant snoring) and is the most comfortable two-level automatic intelligent ventilator. A variety of modes, COMF pressure release technology, comprehensively improve the synchronization between man and machine, bring you a quiet and comfortable sleep experience.

Spree BPAP BS30 Non-invasive ventilator

Breathe well and sleep well

It is suitable for patients with snoring and moderate to severe sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. It has a significant therapeutic effect on night snoring caused by sleep apnea, dizziness in the morning, fatigue and lethargy!

Spree BPAP BS30 non-invasive ventilator provides comfortable and effective sleep treatment for patients with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome.

It can effectively improve the following symptoms: snoring, throbbing, dry mouth in the morning, waking up at night, fatigue during the day, sleepiness, memory loss, hypoxemia, hypertension, high blood sugar, endocrine disorders

Higher pressure, more power

Spare BPAP BS30 non-invasive ventilator has a pressure range of 4cmH20-30cmH20 and a higher pressure range. The machine is suitable for patients with various types of sleep apnea syndrome and all patients requiring non-invasive ventilation treatment, especially moderate to severe patients. It is a non-invasive ventilator with more complete functions and better compliance.

Two levels of pressure, comfortable and natural non-invasive ventilator (BPAP BS30)

Automatic bi-level pressure, based on the support of dual airway pressure, can automatically adjust the inspiratory and expiratory air pressure according to the patient’s night breathing situation, upgrade the synchronization between man and machine, make the patient’s breathing treatment more comfortable and natural, it is more functional Intelligent non-invasive ventilator products with higher overall comfort.

Simplified interface design

We incorporate more care and user-friendly design in product design: 3.5-inch LCD high-definition color screen, the screen is bigger and clearer; integrate more treatment data, save page turning steps; one-button knob design, you can operate the machine with one hand , Simplicity is not simple.

Jane caused by use distinctive ultra-portable

Simple appearance and texture, smooth lines, all in one go! Humanized design concept, the humidifier is perfectly embedded in the ventilator, the main unit humidifier is combined into one, which does not occupy space and is convenient for placement. It is more suitable for home placement.

Overall size 24.3 * 16.7 * 13cm, small and exquisite exclusive design carrying bag, large capacity, easy to carry, details highlight quality; humanized face mask portable box, anti-extrusion design, beautiful and more practical;

Quiet and thoughtful functional design accompanies you to spend every peaceful night

LED backlight screen, automatically start sleep mode at night, the screen backlight automatically dims, so that you are not interfered by light; high-quality turbines make the machine sound less than 30 decibels when working, creating a comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment for you.

Intelligent humidification system for peace of mind

The healthy heating and humidification system releases a large amount of humidification, maintains an ideal humidity of 10ml / L at a flow rate of 60L / min, improves dryness of the nasal cavity, discomfort of the respiratory tract, and dry skin, helping you breathe comfortably!

The 360 ​​° anti-backflow technology independently designed and developed has obtained the national patent certification. Effectively prevent movement, when the machine is dumped, the water in the water box is poured back to burn the internal motor, avoiding the risk of use and improving the freedom and comfort of care.

360 ° anti-backflow technology

National patent authentication 360 ° anti-intrusion
technology to prevent backflow of water in the water box to the machine
interior, a safer movement heart!

Anti-dry technology to avoid risks

Anti-dry burning protection technology, flame-retardant materials, power-off
protection to ensure the safety of treatment,
can be used with peace of mind when the patient is unattended or sleeping at night!

5 adjustable temperature

Humidifier temperature for 5 speed adjustable to meet with
therapeutic needs in different indoor environments! Multiple
temperatures can be selected at will, more humane and more comfortable!

Imported turbine with better core components , strong and efficient

The turbine is the core component of the ventilator, which determines the quality of the ventilator. The pressure output is more powerful, more efficient, more accurate, and has a strong ability to compensate for leakage. The pressure level changes quickly, the performance is stable and silent, so that the patient can sleep comfortably.

Imported sensors
Using imported sensors, with high accuracy, reliability and adaptability.
Smart WiFi cloud platform has no fear of time and space, intimate interconnection
Built-in wifi synchronously transmits the patient’s treatment data, and the remote service platform tracks and monitors the treatment data in real time;

Exclusive after-sales customer service is at your service 7 * 24h; work, business trips, even travel thousands of miles, you can still check the patient’s treatment at any time and anywhere, giving you and your family a personal protection;

The cloud platform can integrate all the patient’s sleep data and automatically generate a professional treatment evaluation report, so that you can get a professional and efficient care plan without leaving the house.

Innovative technology, strong power

The new scientific algorithm detects various events, and automatically adjusts the pressure. The automatic pressure regulation technology can automatically and accurately monitor and identify a variety of respiratory events. It can be used for low ventilation, obstructive apnea, airflow limitation, continuous snoring, etc. Immediate response, effectively eliminate the above symptoms.

Some precautions for using ventilator?

The patient should pay attention to the following points when using the ventilator for the first time :

a. When using the ventilator for the first time, first turn it on and off once to determine whether the switch can be properly controlled and check whether the machine is working properly. If you have any questions, please contact the seller or manufacturer in time.

b. Read the product manual carefully before use, and connect the ventilator, humidifier, nasal mask or mouth-nose mask according to the instructions in the manual.

c. Wear the nasal mask or mouth-nose mask and adjust the headband tightness. The elasticity of the headband is generally suitable if the mask does not have a pressure on the patient’s corresponding parts, but it should not be too loose to avoid air leakage.

d. Make sure that the humidifier has been added with purified water or distilled water, and can not exceed the specified position.

e. Start the ventilator and feel if there is any abnormality in the operation of the ventilator. If there is no abnormality, you can use it with confidence.

f. If the patient wants to temporarily leave the machine during use, it is best to turn off the machine, take off the nasal mask or mouth and nose mask, and then leave. After returning, wear the nasal mask or mouth and nose mask before restarting.

g. After using every day, be sure to turn off the machine and then cut off the power.

h. It is best to clean the mask once a day, and filter sheets and pipes every three days. The cleaning method can refer to the disinfection method of ventilator accessories.

i. Change the water in the humidifier every day, preferably not exceeding the water level line.

j. The machine should be maintained every six months or a year. You can contact the sales company or manufacturer when maintenance is required.